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Travel addict. Dog lover. A Dancer. Fabulously picky at almost everything. Miserable in the kitchen but loves her spices. Exuberant. Observant. Quality. Process addict. Totally Dependable.

Dog lover

Growing up, I have always lived with a dog. There has never been a time in my life when I haven't had at least one dog in my house and I prefer it that way. Even today I clearly remember the first time I met my first pet, POMY BALSARA. I was 6 years old and my brother 5. I was afraid of him. As time passed, POMY became my best friend and over time my guardian. Raised by a single mom, I think this was the best gift from her to me, fostering the sense of responsibility in me. Pomy was the first person i ever cooked for in my life. Till date he remains to be the only one who has never complained about my cooking!

TWC's Official Choreographer
(With dancers who cannot dance to save their lives.)

I love (read as *Loooooove*) dancing and travelling. After Dogs, Dance is my second love. It all started with a school stage performance and the passion still remains intact even after all these years. Winner at a few Navratri competitions, after trying Bollywood dance, I am now taking lessons in Kathak from Nrithyasha Dance School and experimenting with going totally Indian Classical.

Though my son dances like Sunny Deol and is nothing like his me, he shares the same bond with Windfrey my 2 year old Lab.

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