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  Humans of TWC



Gregarious. Foodie.
Wanderlust. And always on a shopping spree.

However, it doesn't end here. There is a lot more to me.

Responsibilities and opportunity to learn new things drive me as much as visiting new places and meeting new people does. Give me task and consider it done, also expect me a lot of questions and my two cents...

I am never short on topics of conversations and am always on the look out for a new app, a new dress, or a new cuisine. Tell me something today and I will, just like an elephant, not forget it for years. But with the amount of curiosity I have, my family and colleagues often liken me to the cat that was killed!

They don't probably answer all my questions but fortunately they are always up for pav bhaji and Chinese. Can it get any better?!? Hell yes! Even with 2 left feet, my family will dance all night long with me just to ensure that i am doing what i love. I guess thats why they are Family. Love them.
A good dress and a good laugh is what I always don at parties.

A couple of drinks, a promise for good times, good food and a good laugh - thats Me. Hardika Parekh.

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