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Dynamic, Positive, Cheerful, Doer, Adaptable, Innovative, Ambitious, Social!

A dreamer at heart, I like to keep laughing because laughter is good for your health! A person with varied hobbies - I like to dance, play badminton and love reading books. PS I love you is one of the books that I cherish reading and keep going back to.

My career challenges excite me every single day. Being a working woman, managing my home, education and professional responsibilities is something that always keeps me going. For me, it is all about multi-tasking as I wake up every morning with a renewed zest. My family is one of my biggest strengths and I owe my determination to them. My friends and family make me a better person is what I believe.

As a person, I am extremely optimistic and always prefer looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty. Travelling is a stress buster. I also play the harmonium and have acquired training in Kathak.

There's so much to do in life and so much to be. I live by this and I am just a simple, strong and ambitious person trying to live life to the fullest.

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