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  Humans of TWC



Strong, Brave, Straightforward,
Religious, Pet and Nature lover.

Jyoti Kotian

As a person, I feel I am a beautiful soul and very straight forward. I am blessed with a fighting spirit and a never-say-die attitude which helps me to achieve whatever I want.

I believe that I spread happiness in people’s lives with my smile. I can brighten up a boring party with my craziness & ensure that everybody is having fun. I am independent, brave & strong, but also caring & protective for my loved ones.

I make my own path, no matter what. And I never give up. I have been through many difficult experiences in my past, and I am thankful that they have only made me stronger and wiser.

My friends call me "Cherry-Pie" because I am the cherry in their lives. My friends are my lifeline and they mean the world to me. They play a very important role in my life. Sometimes I am a mystery and impossible to understand me. But it’s almost impossible to not fall in love with me.

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