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Passionate, Optimistic, Killer Smile, Unconventional, Unapologetic, Process & Training addict, Versatile Professional.

I can go on, but in short I am all the adjectives that describe a “Goal Oriented” professional. although pleasantly calm, I encourage fighting for what you desire and believe in. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall, in school I absolutely loved playing basketball and felt I could play the game with ease. Well, my heroes of the game - Shaqeel O Neel, Michael Jordan & Coby Bryant could “Slam Dunk” with such ease, I felt it wasn’t beyond me. But it was only till I realized that there’s a reason why you have to be at least 6 1/2 feet plus to even come closed to touching the basket.

I went on to play Basketball for my school & college and got some certificates & trophies to for it. But it was only quite recent that I got my first chance to “Slam Dunk”. I recently took my 4 year old son to play at a kids amusement center, I finally felt as tall as my Basketball heroes.

Yes! My son is my pride and joy. Infact, all the adjectives that I used to describe me come into full action when I'm with him. There is nothing more fulfilling in life then being happy.

A five year forecast of my life includes me having completed my Masters degree in Business Management. I envisage myself as a Role model to my son and colleagues. On a lighter note, the winner of the next Marathon to be held in Mumbai.

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