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Biker, explorer, adventure enthusiast, meticulous, diligent, traveller

I believe in simplicity and am a little reserved as a person. Having said that, the company of my close friends brings out the wild side in me. Being friendly, I get along with everyone but I am very selective with loyalty and once committed I will definitely walk that extra mile. I like being organized and plan every task at hand but occasionally this over cautious behavior complicates the aftermath.

My parents have always inspired me and I will always be grateful to them for who I am today. My life revolved around my motorcycle but is lately replaced by my wife and son. My family has always been by my side supporting and encouraging me for whatever I do. My son has been an overwhelming part of my life and he teaches me to be happy, love unconditionally and forgive often.

Apart from the innumerous rides to the outskirts of Mumbai, riding from Mumbai to Leh clocking 5,500 plus Kms in 20 Days has been the most adventurous event of my life and I wish this could be done every year. I now desire a road trip with my loving family to Leh so they can experience the same as I did and hope to resume my motorcycle diaries (preferably to the mountains). Though there are countless motorcycles that I dream of, each with their unique qualities and abilities, I dream to restore and own a 1975 Yamaha RD 350 someday.

I seldomly visit places of worship but definitely believe in a divine presence and strongly believe in Karma!

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