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Data culture explorer, Sports lover, Passionate about "NEXT" Entrepreneur, Receptive, Numbers, Numbers, Numbers Addict, Believer.

Being a music lover further created my interest in reading, understanding various writings and later writing poems myself. Recently I have become father, and which made me write my first poem for my son followed by few more poems. My son is my bundle of joy and I just love seeing him growing everyday.

As I am turning 30, I want to give more time to my writing, my family and my health. I would love to write on everything around me, cherish every relationship I have and express myself through my writings. And yes, I would also like to turn my family pack (big fat belly) into at least one pack, if not six.

Observing different cultures & rituals during my travel gives way to opening up to different perceptions towards understanding the world. To achieve this, I would love to travel solo explore the world without any filters and prejudice. Thus, discovering myself in the process of discovering this world.

I am a big fan of personalities like Lord Rama, A R Rahman (Musician), Ravish Kumar (News Anchor), Zakir Khan (Comedian), Kumar Vishwas and Rahat Indori (Poets).

A few lines that I penned down about myself recently:

मै शांत हूँ, एकांत हूँ अपने कर्मो का वेदान्त हूँ
मै भावुक हूँ, मै साधक हूँ श्री राम का आराधक हूँ
मै अब पिता भी हूँ, और बेटा भी रिश्तों का में वाहक हूँ
मुझे मोह ना माया है, मेरी बस सांसे है और काया है
अपनों के लिए जीता हूँ, वक़्त मिले तो लिखता हूँ
मै शांत हूँ, एकांत हूँ अपने कर्मो का वेदान्त हूँ।

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