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Thinker, Creative, Technology Ninja, Cheerful, Optimistic, Exuberant, Observant, Travel addict, Night owl, Harley Davidson Fan, Football lover, Swimmer

Zubair Shaikh

A simple hard-working man, I am always up for challenges. I started my career in 2013 as a front-end developer, my current aim is to become a full stack developer and to achieve higher goals in my field. I dream to become a social entrepreneur someday. I know it is not as easy as it seems, but I am constantly working towards it and I’m sure I will achieve it. Family plays a very important role in my life. It serves as an inspiration and motivation to achieve my dreams.

I always have a notebook handy and love to pen down my thoughts and ideas. As I am a sports enthusiast, I love my morning runs. It is not only a passion but allows me to escape from all the stress life has to offer. Another aspect of my motivation and deep passion for running is what it does for my health, especially my heart and cardiovascular system, the way it helps me concentrate better throughout the day, improving my memory.

I also enjoy other sports like football, swimming. I do love to travel as I get to know different cultures, traditions and get a chance to try different cuisines. 

It's hard to describe me. But if I have to then here is my motto

“HAPPINESS is a habit. SMILE is an addiction!!“

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