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Parveen Jiterwal
Founder & CEO
Swears by Old Monk rum. Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa fan. Movie enthusiast. New technology adopter. Zombie lover. Hardcore troublemaker. Proud travelaholic. Living the Goa dream. Marketing, brand, and digital addict. Aspiring bartender. Future cocktail bar owner… Maverick.
With over 25 years of extensive experience across various domains, Parveen Jiterwal is an accomplished marketing and technology integration leader. As the current Chief AI and Marketing Officer at VFS Global, he is at the forefront of AI and GenAI innovation, orchestrating significant advancements and applications in these fields.

Parveen has a strong track record of launching successful brands, products, and platforms, leveraging his expertise in strategy, branding, and digital media. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded several ventures that offer creative and sustainable solutions for various business and consumer needs.

In his academic pursuits, Parveen achieved a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Mumbai University, earning distinction in the Mathematics Olympiad. He then pursued an MBA in Integrated Marketing Communications from the same university, laying the foundation for his diverse and dynamic career path.

Parveen’s professional journey began in advertising, making significant contributions at Triton Communications and the DDB Mudra Group, notably impacting the growth of major brands such as McDonald's in India. A passionate technologist, he has consistently been an early adopter of cutting-edge technologies in the travel and tourism industry, beginning with his days at Cox & Kings, where he played a pivotal role in leading digital innovations and establishing as a key online travel brand.

Parveen joined VFS Global in 2009, a tenure highlighted by his development of the new corporate identity for VFS Global, a legacy that continues to resonate today. His unwavering commitment to technological disruption led to the creation of the first Visa application app, showcasing the seamless integration of technology into business processes for enhanced outcomes. During his time at VFS, he also led the Marketing functions for Kuoni & SOTC, two of the largest travel brands in India at that time.

In 2015, Parveen embarked on a new venture with The Whiteboard.Company in India & UAE, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial endeavours. He maintained his passion for digital innovation, brand building, and developing disruptive solutions, leading to the successful establishment and scaling of multiple companies. His ventures spanned a spectrum of B2C domains, including V-Assist and RedCarpet Assist, technology-driven platforms that he built from the ground up. His ability to spot unique market segments and address them led to the creation of unique projects like "Unfold Untold Journeys," targeting senior citizens, and KaReGhar Designs, which catered to a niche segment interested in sustainability through upcycling automobile scrap.

As an entrepreneur, Parveen founded multiple companies and products, scaling them to their fullest potential before successfully positioning them for acquisition. 'Ideate, innovate, implement, and transition' became his guiding mantra, a philosophy he adhered to even during the pandemic. During this challenging period, he innovatively developed an in-house, technology-driven backoffice visa processing system "CtrlVisa" for travel agents, effectively digitizing their workflow and processes.

Known for his skill in integrating technology into business strategies, he has evolved from a marketing expert to a tech innovator. His leadership is both dynamic and transformative, fostering progress and adapting to change. Drawing on his extensive global insights, he crafts strategies that are universally relevant yet locally tailored. Parveen's career is a blend of strategic acumen, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, a penchant for exploring uncharted territories, and his unbridled love for technology.

Our Showcase
Our Group Companies & Brands
  • Conceptualised to disrupt the usual and innovate the normal, The Whiteboard Company looks at every client, every business, every opportunity as a blank beginning. We always begin at the start. Over the years, TWC as we fondly call it, has successfully built, operated and transformed multiple businesses.
  • RedCarpet Assist
    Started as a principal to sell UAE Visas, today RedCarpet Assist has expanded into airport services like meet and assist and lounges.
  • Ctrl Visa
    A back office visa processing ERP-CRM solution built by The Whiteboard Company, enables travel agents increase productivity and efficiencies.
  • KaReGhar Designs
    The only non travel business we manage, KaReGhar is our passion project that recycles automobile scrap to make usable and creatively designed products - all handcrafted.
  • Unfold Untold Journeys
    Curated thematic holidays for Senior Citizens.
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